Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meditation on space

Due to multiple circumstances, sometime last year I moved from a one-bedroom apartment which I had all to myself, to a tiny single room in a shared house. I do love where I am right now, but there's one thing I really miss about having my own place - being able to have craft stuff anywhere and everywhere.

Currently I have fabric and sewing stuff under my bed, one spinning wheel in a corner of my room, a dresser drawer full of assorted craft stuff, a small table for my sewing machine, and my tub of yarn in the den. Downstairs we have an unfinished basement. So unfinished there's only one light (mostly blocked by boxes) and no insulation. Down there I keep all my other supplies. They are in disarray in several boxes and all over a book shelf.

I have grand plans to organize this area, and to purge a lot of the stuff I don't plan on using, but it's never really happened. I think about doing it, and plan to on a specific day, but it doesn't happen.

However, on Thursday night I decided I needed to move the furniture in my room around. My roommate was helping me, and she had a chance to really see how inefficient my room is to craft in. She has a larger room, but she also has a clothing line that's in hiatus a bit. She has an industrial sewing machine, a serger and a ton of fabric (also split between her room and the basement).

Her suggestion is that we make a crafting space in the basement. Get some bright lights, a space heater, good chairs.

This makes me happy. To know that I may be in a temporary living situation, but that I share it with people who have common crafty needs. It's a pretty awesome feeling. Now we just have to clear out a space for it, and start putting it together. I have a feeling that value village will be selling some chairs to us in the near future.

2 comments: said...

I just discovered your blog via your fabric baby shoe tutorial on Cut Out and Keep. It's really great, I'll be linking to it today, not to mention adding you so I don't miss a thing. How fun to live with another crafty person. A basement craft room could work out really well with the right lighting. Maybe overhead, garage style lighting? We picked up a row of them at the hardware store, you just plug them in!

Lisa said...

Welcome! Glad you liked the tutorial! We're having fun watching the cute booties that everyone is making from it.