Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunny Blim

The Blim fair on Sunday was full of sunshine and awesomeness. It wasn't crazy busy but when you're hanging out with your crafty friends in the sunshine (we've waited so long for sun here in Vancouver)... it's always good times.

Here's Monsieur workin hard in the hot hot sun, pimping our wares. We had several inquiries about whether or not we'd sell Monsieur.... we have an astronomically high price on his head (he's our mascot after all) but - we will do custom sock monkey orders!
Megan is the creative genius behind Monsieur (who has a brother who is a pirate) and rumour has it she has another sock monkey in the works... something with a basketball theme. Hopefully he'll be ready for a photoshoot soon. I've put in a request for a ninja sock monkey. We'll have to brainstorm for some other sock monkey themes.... the possibilities are endless!


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maggie said...

Love the Gentleman. If I had been in your neighborhood, I would have bought something from him. But alas, my sock monkeys live in the states. Can't wait to see the pirate and others!