Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who I Heart...

I worked all weekend so there was no crafting to be done, but I did get to spend a lot of time on etsy. I added lots of items (many more to come!), read the forums, and added shop to our favorites. Some of the shops are run by people we know from around Vancouver, but some were just ones that caught my eye through the forums and the main page.

However, as I'm not in a buying place right now (so sad!!) I'm going to share my favorites with you.

1. Ami Nytray Designs: The specimen jar pendants are what really caught my eye here.

2. Wash The Day Away: Lots of neat baby stuff, but she's going to make a tattoo healing lotion. I'm saving this one for christmas gifts.

3. Robin's Jewelry Box: I'm loving mini stuff right now, so add food and jewelry to that and I love it.

4. BundanART: I'm not really a huge fan of landscape paintings, but I adore these.

That's it for now. Actually no, not quite. Rhi's really dislikes blog posts without pictures. SO here's a teaser for an upcoming post of mine. I'm finally going to finish the pattern for my "Cupcakes for Secrets"and then I will post it. And it will be free. yay!


Lisa said...

Those landscape prints are AMAZING! I'll have to add some of my hearts on etsy... there are so many fabulous artisans on there.

Kalin said...

I totally think we should all add some hearts.