Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beaded Pendants

I've been playing around in my stash of delica beads lately - I love my delica beads, so precise, so shiny - and I ended up making some gourd stitch pendants. Simple rectangles with some interesting colour combinations and patterns (I'm big on randomness lately actually). I was puzzling out how to do the wirework to finish off the pendants and I couldn't pull off anything that satisfied me.... here are two attempts:

Then, with a peek into my own jewelry box, I realized I was trying too hard and the answer was actually much simpler. I put away my pliers and my wire and put the pendent on a neckwire from my jewelry box.... so much better:

Sometimes things don't need to be as complicated as I tend to make them! Now I just need to find a good source of neckwires....

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