Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wood & cats

I was posting a few items in the etsy shop and, as is inevitable, I started poking around, looking in some shops I had favourited a while back.  A few years ago I purchased a lovely wood necklace from a seller in Montreal, 3dots, and now she has even more items I lust after.... this fabulous bracelet, for example.  And this necklace - stunning!

Then there is Untamed Menagerie who makes stuff like this necklace - isn't this unique and wonderful?

It's been a while since I browsed around etsy - it's lovely to see so many fantastic artists producing cool stuff.  Time to make a wishlist for myself!

Unrelated to falling in love with jewelry on etsy:  photos of cute cats!

My talented photographer friend, Ben Johnson, and I did another photoshoot for HomeFinders Animal Rescue.

They had a batch of adorable adoptables that needed some good profile photos for their online listings so we went to help out.

It's quite fun wrangling the cats - they get freaked out by the camera and lights, or they're kittens and move too fast, or they're very chill and easy - you never know how it'll go!  We did some bunnies this time too, which was new!  These cats all really need loving homes and are all available for adoption!

kung-fu cat!

hello bunny!

Super fluffy Azlan.

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