Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Learning to Unknit

Remember that blanket I started knitting back in June?  Er, yeah, still knitting it.  I can say I've had lots of good practice in unknitting as I'm not so hot at remembering to stop and count rows.  So, it's been a good learning exercise/practice!  I remember how frustrating I used to find unknitting - and how hard to remember, especially coming from crochet where you just take your hook out, pull your yarn until it's unravelled past your mistake, then stick your hook back in.  So easy.  Knitting, not so easy.  But I've got the hang of it now. Learning new stuff is awesome - one day something is frustrating and hard, you keep working at it, and then realize at some point that the thing that used to trouble you, you now do without a thought.

I will finish this one day soon!  It'll be interesting to see how even my stitches look after a wash and a blocking... I'm hoping that will work some magic. But in the end, it's more about the process than the product anyway, right?  I don't even have a recipient in mind for this blanket yet. 

Check it out - it's definitely come along:

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