Monday, January 03, 2011

I Yudid it!

Way back in May I was super lucky and won a Yudu screenprinting system from Got Craft (my favorite craft fair in Vancouver because it's full of awesome).

I had a lot of ideas for it but struggled to find a big chunk of time to learn and get it going and make a disaster of the apartment. There was one idea I wanted to pull off in time for Christmas, so I finally got to work on it once my holiday vacation started.

My plan was to customize a set of cloth napkins for my Polish in-laws with the Polish word for "cheers/good eating": smacznego! I had a transparancy printed at Staples with my image on it. Besides "smazcego", I put on some additional images that I wanted to use to customize some handkerchiefs - to maximize my use of the screen.

I followed the step by step instructions that came with the Yudu and burned the screen without any problems. Easy peasy.

Then on to the fun part - the printing!

I taped off all the images except the one I wanted, flooded the screen with ink and did my first impression.

It turned out perfectly! I was really pleased with all of the prints, actually.

I think it helped that I had done some screenprinting before (although burning the screen was new to me) - it can take a bit of practice to get a good impression. I did the set of 8 napkins super quickly and cleaned off the screen so I could untape the other images and print those too.

Really the biggest problem with screenprinting is that it is best for printing large quantities of things.... and how often do you need large quantities of stuff printed with the same image? I usually only need 3 -4 copies of something.

All in all, the Yudu is pretty neat - for those of us who don't have workshops to get messy with normal screenprinting - it's a compact, tidy way to do it.

I live in a 600sqft apartment, so having the screen-burning + drying rack + printing surface all in one makes it doable. If you've got more space, you can probably screenprint the normal way for less.

In the end I didn't make nearly as big a mess as I thought I would - it also didn't take as long as I thought; I burned the screen on one day and did the printing the next day - which gave the screen loads of time to dry and made it all seem less daunting somehow. :)

These napkins turned out so well, my brain is off thinking up new projects!

Thank you Got Craft? and Yudu!!


splatgirl said...

Yay for yudu, Lisa! I bought a Print Gocco and a hoard of supplies for it a few years ago when everyone was in a panic that was not being made anymore. I was thrilled when I first saw/heard about Yudu--and I should have known such a cool thing wouldn't be allowed to die.
Anyway, I've never used my Gocco, but you've given me the bug to bust it out.

I bet they LOVED the napkins!

p.s.--don't you think someone should organize a screen swapping or resale site for them?

Lisa said...

Gocco was the first screenprinting I tried (a friend had one) - it's pretty handy too and a more manageable size compared to the Yudu. Is it still possible to get supplies for it?

You should totally get it out and put it to work - it's very satisfying!

(I think the napkins went over well - they seemed most surprised that I knew the word smazcnego at all!)

Magda said...

The napkins are really nice! I think everyone will enjoy their meal after reading 'smacznego':)