Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Babies + Crochet

Yay for finishing baby gifts for people! Finishing projects is so satisfying!

Latest - 1 baby hat with an awesome button made from wood waste, and 1 round ripple baby blanket.

Bring on the babies.

Actually, don't, I'm still way way behind!

(The pattern I used for the blanket is here:


Sharon said...

Cool rug! I love the shape and am trying to visualize how you made it! I haven't seen that shape crocheted before. Also, your cat looks just like my cat, Samba.

Thanks for commenting on the floating home post. In the series I'm hoping to put up some pictures from around the world. If you happen to have any photos of quirky or non-quirky ones from Vancouver, I'd love to use them in the series.

Bri said...

That blanket is so cute! I like the colors and it just looks really complicated. I'm sure someone will just love it.

Lisa said...

Thanks guys - I'll go add the link to the pattern in the post. It's not hard to do at all!

Sharon, I think I've got some pics of floating homes I can send you - I'll dig around for them!

BluenoseGirl said...

Ahh Noodle looks like he wants to pounce on the blanket.

Beth said...

Lovely projects!
I'm just getting into crochet again after about 15 years (ahem)- love the look of the baby blanket - but unfortunately the link that you've posted doesn't work.
I've tried searching for "woven-stars ripple" in as many combos as I can think of, but no luck!
Could you please check the link and maybe repost? I'd be really grateful - I've got a wave of friends having babies and this looks like just the job!
b (UK)

Lisa said...

Hey beth - sorry about that, I'll go fix the link for you!

The key term to search for (in case my link breaks again) is 'round ripple'. You should find several patterns that way!

Beth said...

Brilliant, thanks so much - do appreciate it!

Hawk and Weasel said...

That button just does the whole hat!