Sunday, March 01, 2009

Button Button!!

I absolutely love buttons to bits!!! Ask anyone who knows me. I am always on the hunt for cool buttons!! I seem to find them in all sorts of unexpected spots in all different shapes and sizes!! I was cruising the world wide interweb and happened to come across something that blew my mind. Not only was it a button but it was made out of chocolate which united two of my favorite things: chocolate & buttons. I mean really what more can you ask for????

I am yet to purchase the molds and all the goodies to go with it but as soon as my next pay cheque comes in I will definately be going on a bit of a shopping spree at Bake it Pretty they also have a tutorial and some freebies for their nifty packaging!! I think that these would be super cute as grab bags at birthday parties or baby showers or anywhere where you'd love to leave your guests with a pleasant tastes in their mouths!
Hope this makes you as happy as it made me!! xox


Lisa said...

I can't wait until your next paycheque!! What an adorable idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhiannon,
you asked me about my top and it is a gift i got for my birthday from a friend but i know it is on etsy and here a link for you to check out. i love my top soooo much!