Friday, April 18, 2008


We all met at my place on Tuesday night so we wanted to post a few pictures.

First, soap! We're doing some new soaps and some ones we've done before. Here's our re-formatted Grapefruit Loofah soap while still in the mold:

Loofah Soap

Second, as Lisa mentioned the first 30 people in the door at Got Craft will be getting swag bags. One of our new items this year are sets of fabric covered buttons and magnets as inspired by the amazing ones Megan sent us from Japan. So, we decided the swag we're contributing are fabric buttons.

fabric buttons

Last, is a new item that I will be making. They are reusable cup cozies. I used to drink coffee or tea every morning so I used to bring a reusable cup. But now I only have it sometimes so I don't carry a cup with me like I used to. This is a small way I can reduce my waste. Plus they're cute. We'll have them in an assortment of fabrics.

cup cozy

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