Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Blanket Help

One of the hardest parts of any project (for me) is the selection of coordinating colours. Doesn't matter if I'm beading, crocheting, weaving, sewing... I'll hem and haw forever about what goes best together - I'll waffle forever with all the options open to me. It's even worse if I'm making something for someone else (usually the case) because then I have to try and coordinate to their tastes!

My latest almost-done project is a crocheted baby blanket for some friends who are about to have a very long-awaited baby. I followed Alicia Paulson's pattern Tiramisu which I've seen fabulous examples of on Ravelry. Now that the blanket is done I need to pick the ribbon! Eek! I came back from the craft store quite muddled about what I should use. I'm going to put some of the options up here - please weigh in with your fave! The mom is not quite as bold as I tend to be - she's more conservative... so I'm leaning towards the yellow on yellow which seems a bit dull but also classy... but let me know what you think!

(click on any of the images go to a gallery with more and larger images)

The options are:

1. Yellow Polka Dot
2. Orange Polka Dot
3. Black Flowers
4. Green


Kalin said...

my vote is yellow or green.

And yay for being done! How much yarn did you have left after the border?

Gormley Donn said...

I think the black flowers look sharp, and black flowers are pretty shouldn't be too scary.

Andrea said...

i love the simplicity of the yellow on yellow it looks very old fashionedy.

Lisa said...

lol - I get a totally mixed response from every group that I ask about the ribbon...

(There was a whole ball and a bit left over when it was all done.)

Nadia said...

I vote Green!